Google Street View Hyperlapse from Teehan+Lax Labs on Vimeo.

All Google Street View imagery captured using Source code available at

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RENAN OZTURK // DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY // REEL 2013 from Camp 4 Collective on Vimeo.

Camp4 Partner Renan Ozturk // Director of Photography Reel // Early 2013

shots used represent projects including:

// Meru Shark’s Fin’ Expedition, Indian Garhwal Himalaya (co-directed with Jimmy Chin and operated all shots, directed Nuke animation by Marty Blumen )

// ‘Musandam Peninsula’ Expedition, Oman (co-directed with Jimmy Chin and operated all shots)

// ‘The Tooth Traverse’ Expedition, Alaska co-directed with Freddie Wilkinson, aerial DP Paul Roderick)

// ‘The Bride’ Narrative Short Film (operated shots, directed by Anson Fogel)

// ‘Mission Antarctic’ Expedition, Antarctic Peninsula (operated all shots, co-directed by Guido Perrini and Xavier De Le Rue )

// ‘Towers of the Ennedi’ Expedition, Chad (co-directed with Jimmy Chin/Tim Kemple and operated all shots, created art for motion graphic transition by Eric Bucy

// ‘The Denali Experiment’ Expedition, AK (directed motion graphic by Barry Thompson )

// ‘On Assignment’, Yosemite California (Renan co-directed and operated)

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Christopher Bissonette
“In Accordance”

“How it Ends”

“Hell, Heaven”

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Tikijian - Закрой Глаза from Tikijian on Vimeo.

Спасибо всем тем, без кого эта запись не состоялась бы:
- Георгий Паккерт, спасибо тебе за то, что ты терпел нашего Влада и до последнего хранил многие гигабайты бессмысленных видео на своём компьютере, из которых в результате собрал этот видеоряд.
- Артём Афанасьев, спасибо тебе, что прекрасно свёл и отмастерил нашу убогую запись за мельчайший прайс, мы любим тебя.
- Алексей Фидирко со студии “Амурские Волны”, спасибо, что похвалил нашего барабанщика, он потом неделю с задранным носом ходил, и за прекрасную сессию записи барабанов, в результате барабаны на нашем треке звучат лучше всех других инструментов)).
- Репетиционной студии “Атака”, где мы репетируем и пишем эти глупые песни и бару “Rocco Siffredi”, где был снято наше живое выступление)

Группа TIkijian:
Евгений - вокал;
Ури - гитара;
Миша - гитара;
Саша - бас;
Влад - барабаны;

JELLYFISH LAKE from Sarosh Jacob on Vimeo.

Palau is a special place. Thousands of years ago these jellyfish became trapped in a natural basin on the island when the ocean receded. Over time they evolved into a new species that lost most of their stinging ability.

Film / Edit: Sarosh Jacob
Equipment: Canon 5D Mark II, Sigma 15mm Fisheye Lens and Aquatica Housing
Music: Radiohead “Nude”

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Jellyfish Lake was featured in the new Microsoft IE9 Internet Explorer 9 TV Commercial “a more beautiful web” See here:
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Choros from Michael Langan on Vimeo.

Choros / 2011 / 13 min / HD / Stereo

Directed by Michael Langan and Terah Maher
Music by Steve Reich

A chorus of women are borne from the movements of a single dancer in this dreamlike “pas de trente-deux.”
“Choros” premiered at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in 2012 and has gone on to play dozens of festivals worldwide. The film is currently broadcast in Europe by Canal+.

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